Tales of Nydorwen

Multiplayer Browser Role Playing Game

Play together with people from all over the world and shape the story! Travel to every corner of Nydorwen in search of equipment and items to help you on your adventures.

Choose your own fate

Whether you want to mow down hordes of creatures with heavy swords or you would rather make them regret their existence with powerful arcane magic, the story of Nydorwen has a place for you. While the stories of old have either been twisted or forgotten, there is much more to discover about this kingdom. Maybe it's up to you to take part in them?

Recent updates

Hallow's Eve, part two 👻


While Halloween might be a distant memory to you, the events that started a few days before Hallow's eve in Nydorwen are not over yet...

Hallows' Eve, part one 🎃


It's the time of the year that the days get shorter, and the nights darker... All good reasons to gather a group of people and sit close around a campfire. Some of the stories told are obviously meant to scare you, but what if there was a little bit of truth behind them?

No place like home


It's been a while again, but the time is finally here: today brings two massive new features.

A fresh lick of paint 🎨


The entire website got an overhaul! Now it feels a lot more like a Medieval Role Playing Game.

Teaching you magic 🔮


It's that time again! A lot of things happened in the background the past week, and I'll use this post to highlight the updates you might've missed or that might have gone unnoticed.