Raise your weapons ⚔️

Post created at: 2018-09-06

We've been fighting hordes of creatures for a month now, and it just doesn't seem to end… Yes, fighting those creatures awards a nice chunk of gold, and with every blow you deliver you feel like you're getting more experienced at fighting them, but what if we've been doing it the wrong way all along? What if we just used...

Equipment ⚔️🛡

From today, monsters will have a chance to drop equipment. You'll then be able to wear this equipment to give you several bonuses in combat.

You'll see some new buttons in your interface that will take you to your equipment page. Here you can view all your equipment, and equip or unequip it.

A quick overview of your equipment.

You can hover over a piece of equipment to show the stats. When you wield it, those stats will immediately take effect.

Nice interface to (un)equip items.

When you've selected a cool new outfit, you're ready for battle! But first, let's make sure the gear you're wearing is actually better than what you wore before. There's a nice button to show the stats before and after the equipment change. If you're happy with the result, save the changes!

A small interface to see the stat changes from changing equipment.

Now you're all set to fight even bigger and badder creatures in the upcoming areas. Or maybe you're even up for a tougher challenge?

In other news

  • The formula of how guard affects the damage you take has been changed a bit.
  • Added a new entry to the combat log when you've defeated a creature stating the amount of gold drop and (when it applies) the other drops you got.
  • Creatures have been buffed to account for stats gained from equipment.

That's it! As always, thanks for reading and have fun playing!