A fresh lick of paint 🎨

Post created at: 2018-09-30

The entire website got an overhaul! Now it feels a lot more like a Medieval Role Playing Game.

Our new landing page.

The new style conveys the theme of the game a lot better, and I feel it makes the game a lot more immersive. And I think that's pretty important for some of the updates that are currently in development!

So that's all I have to say about the new styling. It took a while and I apologise for the lack of other updates, but there's some pretty good ones coming soon! Here's one last picture of the new style, but be sure to check it out in game as well!

If you haven't reached Narma yet, here's the lore!

In other news

There's a new Highscores page! You can find this in the navigation bar or by clicking the link from the main page (where the top 5 players are displayed). Now you can see how many adventures you need to embark on before you'll be able to rise a spot. I hope this gets some competitive blood flowing!

As always, thanks for playing and have fun!