No place like home

Post created at: 2018-10-23

It's been a while again, but the time is finally here: today brings two massive new features.

A quest, m'lady?

On your home page, you'll find a brand new button that brings you to your quest log. This will show all the quests you're currently able to start and complete. But of course, I don't want to talk about the quest log, I want to talk about the quests!

The start text of the first quest.

Your quests will take you on a journey through Nydorwen to complete important and silly tasks alike. You might face tough decisions and terrifying creatures along the way, but the rewards should be worth it.

Into the Swamps

Our first quest has you follow a map through the swamplands of Mantta. You're not sure what your journey brings, but we'll give you a small spoiler with our next big thing...


From this patch, you'll be able to visit cities in certain areas, when you've unlocked them. There's a lot of cool stuff to do in cities, so be sure to check them out! You'll need to unlock access to the first one through a quest though...

A town elder telling you about the history of the town.

Boring information

Right now there is one quest and one city. However, the system has been built to try improve the release time of future quests and cities, so they should take a lot less time to build.

In other news

These are things that were added in this update, or after the last update that got a newspost written about it.

  • You've been dealing a little bit more damage to creatures as of late
  • Your stats have more impact on the stats of drops you receive
  • Added some new potions
  • Level up page received a facelift
  • As you level up you'll now find new items in the store
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't equip headwear

As always, thanks for playing and good luck on your quest!