Hallows' Eve, part one 🎃

Post created at: 2018-10-29

It's the time of the year that the days get shorter, and the nights darker... All good reasons to gather a group of people and sit close around a campfire. Some of the stories told are obviously meant to scare you, but what if there was a little bit of truth behind them?

The Haunted Forest

For the first Holiday event ever in Kingdoms of Nydorwen, you'll help perform a ritual to cleanse the Haunted Forest. You'll do so by venturing into the woods and gathering kindlings. Doing so doesn't impact your other gameplay, so you can gather kindlings while you're fighting monsters and completing quests. You can find the event by clicking the new "event button" in the bottom right corner of your window. It'll look like this:

The event button

For now, you should focus your effort on stocking up on as many kindlings as possible. Next week, when you've gathered enough, the second stage of the event will commence, with another newspost to go with it. And of course, some spooky rewards! 👻

Now pack supplies and go into the forest, we're going to need a lot of kindlings to get the fire started.

This is a safe event: you're not going to lose any health while journeying through the forest, and players of all levels can participate.